360° Employee Feedback Case Study


We conduct 360° employee feedback tracking surveys for one of Canada’s largest retailers of products for the home. The tracking survey is conducted among its managers and executive management team and involves collecting feedback from all members of each individual’s immediate work circle, including direct feedback from subordinates, peers, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation. The primary objective of the studies is to identify the managers and executive management team’s strengths and opportunities for success. The survey, used as a developmental tool to assist the leaders, is based on the organization’s corporate values, which forms the backbone of their high performance culture. The process is designed to ensure complete confidentiality and the participant is the only person having access to their results.


These tracking surveys are conducted online once or twice a year. The survey, which includes a self-evaluation, involves emailing an invitation to each of the survey participants' (i.e., the managers and executives) direct reports, superiors, peers and internal clients, asking for their feedback regarding each participant. The email invitation contains a link to an online survey consisting of a number of different topic areas, as well as a couple of open-ended questions. Two reminder emails are sent to those who do not complete the survey by pre-determined dates.


These periodic survey results are segmented by respondent group (i.e., superior, peer, direct report or client), providing the manager/executive with a view of how each of these groups they work with, view their interactions and relationship and also how they assess the participant, thus giving them a plan to map specific paths in their development. Company-wide norms are created for each core competency area so that employees can understand how they measure up against others in their organization.