Advertising Recall Case Study


We conducted an advertising recall study on behalf of one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers. The primary objective of this 2-stage study (pre- and post-advertising) was to determine the effectiveness of one of their advertising campaign in specified target markets.


A total of two surveys were conducted by telephone among random samples of adult Albertans and Ontarians. One survey was administered prior to the start of the advertising campaign, so as to establish baseline measures, while a second survey was conducted immediately after the advertising finished airing. The two survey instruments were similar, asking respondents about their unaided and aided recall of the ad, who they believed sponsored the ad, perceptions of its main message and their impressions of the ad, as well as some general questions related to their awareness and opinions of the organization and whether the ad had any impact on their views of the organization.


The survey results were segmented by region and demographics and included a comparison of the pre- and post-campaign results. The results provided management insight into the effectiveness and impacts of the advertising, including the degree to which awareness and impressions of the organization and purchase intent were lifted.