Customer Relationship Case Study


We conducted customer satisfaction tracking surveys for a leading software service provider. The primary objective of these studies was to survey the organization’s worldwide customers for their overall views of the organization, along with their opinions on the service provided by each of the different departments and at different touchpoints. This would provide a comprehensive understanding of all levels of customer satisfaction with the organization and determine if customers’ expectations are being met.


These tracking surveys were conducted online and involved the organization notifying their customers about the upcoming survey prior to forwarding the email invitation with the survey link. Two reminder emails were sent to those who did not complete the survey by pre-determined dates. The survey garnered views of the organization as a whole in terms of corporate image, management and marketing and communications, as well as assessments of their account manager and each of the different departments and touchpoints that were relevant to each customer.


The survey results were segmented by customer type and region and included gap analysis and a priority matrix, providing management with actionable direction on areas they needed to maintain, areas they could divert their efforts and resources from and to areas that were lagging below customers’ expectations and required attention and improvement.