Guest Satisfaction Case Study


We designed a guest satisfaction survey for a new hotel. The primary objective of this survey was to determine guests’ impressions of the hotel, its services and amenities. This provided the owners with comprehensive insight into not only the overall image of the hotel but also assessments of all the different touchpoints and whether they matched that desired by the hotel.


This survey was conducted online and involved emailing hotel guests soon after their stay. Reminder emails were sent to those who did not complete the survey by pre-determined dates. The survey gathered views of the hotel, including the facilities (e.g., hotel grounds, building décor, parking and security), the various staff, the guest room and its amenities, the pool, exercise room, restaurant, bar and food and beverages, the reservation process and the arrival and departure experience.


The survey results confirmed that management was generally meeting guests’ expectations but also provided valuable insight into areas the hotel was underperforming and required attention and improvement.