New Product Evaluation Case Study


We conducted a new product evaluation survey on behalf of a large organization interested in introducing a new health service to Canadian consumers. The primary objective of this survey was to measure the general public’s willingness to use the new service, along with determining what motivated their interest and identifying any barriers to usage. Developing a better understanding of consumers’ reaction to the new service would yield actionable information that could be used to help improve the service so that there would be higher levels of customer satisfaction and so market penetration objectives


This survey was conducted over the telephone and involved calling adult Ontarians and Quebecers asking them a series of questions related to their awareness and current usage of similar health services, their interest in the new health service, including specific aspects of the service, and their objections and concerns related to the service.


The survey results were segmented by the respondent’s region of residence, their current health and current usage of similar services. This provided management with valuable insight on which subgroups were most likely to use the new service and the most effective ways of marketing the service to them. As well, the results reveals the most popular aspects of the service and which features needed to be changed in order for the service to gain a higher level of acceptance.