Ongoing Customer Transactional Follow-up Case Study


We conduct ongoing customer transactional follow-up surveys on behalf of western Canada’s leading auto repair shop. The primary objective of this study is to track customer experiences, including their satisfaction with the service they received during their recent repair. As well, during the short survey, the interviewers assist with the task of customer retention through the use of “red flag”/”hot alerts”. Customers who are dissatisfied and/or have outstanding issues are identified and their contact information and concerns are forwarded to the client organization so that managers can follow-up and resolve any lingering issues or concerns as soon as possible.


This ongoing tracking survey involves calling all customers who had a vehicle repaired at one of the branches during the previous week and attempting to complete as many of the 4-minute surveys as possible. The survey measures customer satisfaction with the service received at each of the customer touchpoints, as well as on an overall basis and also asked about the likelihood to return and to recommend the organization.


The survey results are reported to the organization on a monthly basis, segmented by branch, and provides management with directional insight into the performance of each shop across the various customer touchpoints to ensure there is consistency across all locations. The CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other metrics are also tracked on a monthly basis. Key Driver Analysis and other statistical processes are undertaken on an annual basis, providing more actionable and strategic direction, including the areas requiring more attention and resources.