Our Story


Cohesium’s two founding partners, Connie Cheng and Lily Alecsuc, were born and raised in different parts of the world but both of their childhood experiences led them to a life-long passion for marketing research.


Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, in a loving and supportive but traditional Chinese home where elders were respected and honoured and children were not necessarily expected to be heard, Connie learned the value and power of observing and listening. Being just one voice in a large extended household, she realized the importance of communicating one’s thoughts, feelings and opinions. Silence meant the status quo and it was only when she expressed herself that things changed. From this, Connie developed a deep desire to ensure others have the opportunity to voice their opinions and that their voices are heard. This passion grew into a marketing research career where Connie continually strives to listen to all the voices and translate all these feelings and opinions into actionable findings that help clients make strategic decisions.


Born and raised in Romania, surrounded by a loving family, Lily grew up in a communist country where citizens had no access to information and were not allowed to freely express their thoughts, private companies were nonexistent and travelling to other countries was almost impossible. As a result, she was drawn to Canada and a career in marketing research as people are able to voice their views on anything and everything. Lily strives to understand what people think, why they do what they do and to provide insight to clients about how their organizations can improve and move in the right direction. Her passion is to find the story behind the numbers and convert knowledge into actions.