Ongoing Customer Transactional Follow-Up Research

Creating an amazing customer experience leads to loyal customers. This is critical as loyalty is the single biggest predictor of the likelihood of future business. Listening to and understanding your customers' views about their interactions with your organization is the essence behind building customer loyalty and your business growing and succeeding.

After investing time and resources in your service processes and staff in order to establish rigorous quality and service standards, it is crucial that your organization listens to your customers to ensure they are experiencing the levels of product and service quality you have committed to deliver. Without their direct feedback, there is no foundation on which to train your staff and improve processes.

Cohesium’s ongoing customer transactional follow-up surveys provide valuable insight about how your customers perceived their interaction/transaction with your organization. Our cost-effective transactional survey programs would involve a short 3-5 minute survey conducted soon after a service visit or other interaction/transaction. The survey would cover all the important touchpoints of the interaction, from the initial contact through to the final completion of the transaction. This can assess the whole experience customers had with your service/product, providing valuable insight into operational, service and performance strengths, as well as improvements that may be required. Find out what your customers really think about their experience so that areas that are lagging can be improved.

The following types of businesses can benefit immensely from post-visit Ongoing Customer Transactional Follow-up Surveys:

  • Automotive dealers for service and vehicle sales

  • Hospitality industry businesses, including hotels/motels, restaurants and other food service establishments

  • Automotive repair shops and tire dealers

  • Beauty, fitness and wellness establishments

  • Real estate developers

  • Home service providers, including electricians and plumbers

  • Retail stores

Cohesium’s partners have significant expertise and experience conducting Ongoing Customer Transactional Follow-up research. Cohesium currently manages thousands of ongoing transactional follow-up surveys each month on behalf of clients. We can help you better understand your customers’ assessments of their interactions with your organization so that you can improve these experiences and retain your customers and convert them to advocates for your organization. You will be able to increase your revenue and grow your business through not only the increased customer loyalty and referrals but also insight into how to attract more customers.