Red Flags/Hot Alerts

Dissatisfied customers are at risk of leaving and becoming the customers of your competitors. They rarely complain directly but are more likely to express their displeasure to their circle of friends, family, co-workers and more recently, on social media, where they can quickly and effectively spread their displeasure with an organization. This makes it crucial that customers who are either dissatisfied or have an unresolved issue, are followed up as soon as possible. It is time-critical!

While many customers do not complain voluntarily or directly, when provided the chance to express their dissatisfaction during a survey, many welcome the opportunity and willingly do so. And even when customers do not voice displeasure, Cohesium is specialized in identifying at-risk individuals so that immediate action can be taken and the relationship can be saved. Over 90% of unhappy customers will return to a business if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. So rather than allowing your dissatisfied customers to suffer in silence, give them a forum to voice their concerns and then do everything possible to reach out to them to address and rectify those issues. Your prompt response to these customers and handling of the complaint can lead to more loyalty and convert them into brand ambassadors who will promote your organization. However, if a customer complains during a survey and your organization does not respond, then dissatisfaction grows.

Cohesium appreciates the importance of this complaint handling process and implements it with all ongoing transactional survey programs. They are complimentary elements in a customer retention and loyalty program. Our system flags all of the vulnerable respondents and sends a summary of the customer’s feedback to clients as soon as possible for their immediate follow-up. All of these flagged respondents are logged so that they can be contacted and tracked to ensure that there is a resolution for the customer.