Employee Research

Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Surveys

Employee surveys measure how happy and/or engaged staff are with their job and work environment. This is critical because satisfied and engaged employees not only improve productivity but they deliver better customer outcomes and can also become brand ambassadors for your organization. So measuring only the customer relationship component, while neglecting employee research, is not enough.

Cohesium can assist your organization to develop the right programs and practices to impact employees’ ability to meet your customers’ needs. We would:

  • Identify how employees define customer service (can be compared with how customers define this if also undertake customer feedback research);

  • Measure employee expectations and perceptions, both overall and in terms of their job, tools, training, compensation and benefits, communications, corporate culture, working environment, policies and procedures, management, etc.;

  • Identify gaps between expectations and perceptions

  • Measure likelihood to look for another job/position outside of company

  • Identify key drivers of satisfaction

  • Ascertain priorities for improvement, to retain at-risk employees

  • Monitor performance over time, including any changes

  • Evaluate organizational climate, morale and motivation

  • Asses the relation between employee factors (burnout, stress, role conflict) and outcomes (turnover, absenteeism)

  • Create opportunities to build a team of motivated employees

  • Identify ways to deeply engage employees by giving them the tools needed for their job

Cohesium’s partners have years of employee research experience and expertise and can design a customized survey that is relevant for your organization, yielding actionable insight.

360° Employee Feedback Surveys

360° Employee Feedback research provides a holistic view of an employee by gathering feedback from multiple sources. The 360° process allows for assessments from the person being assessed (the participant), as well as feedback from their supervisor/manager, their peers, their direct reports and, in some instances, their internal and/or external customers. All survey results are completely confidential, as is the identity of any individuals who provide an assessment of their colleague(s) as the data are combined and an average rating is provided for each rating group.

360° employee surveys are invaluable for not only the employee being assessed but the organization as a whole. The participant being assessed benefits because they receive formalized developmental feedback they may otherwise not be given from multiple sources they interact with rather than just their manager (as in performance reviews). As well, the insight they gain is comprehensive and balanced and reveals perceptions of their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development.

Your organization can benefits from the 360° employee survey process by:

  • Promoting a culture of feedback and continuous improvement that leads to a more engaged labour force;

  • Optimizing business skills by providing feedback to your organization’s employees;

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your internal leadership;

  • Aligning your organization’s goals with the strengths of your employees; and

  • Motivating employees to be proactive in their personal and career development

Cohesium’s partners have over 15 years of experience conducting 360° Employee Feedback surveys. Cohesium offers customized and complex 360° Feedback surveys, as well as a standardized version that would apply to most industries and organizations. Our standard 360° survey instrument includes measurements of management core competencies such as Leadership, Vision, Innovation, Communication and Coaching, while the customized version can also include topics that include Decision-making, Teamwork, etc.