Market Research

Other types of survey research undertaken by Cohesium include:

Advertising Research

Advertising research often measures the effectiveness of a planned or ongoing advertising campaign. This may include determining your target audience’s unaided and aided awareness, recall and perceptions of your ad, along with views of its main message and its impact on purchase behaviour or overall impressions of your organization. This can be undertaken prior to the launch of the advertising campaign to establish baseline measures, during campaign and again immediately after it ends to determine its effectiveness.

Branding Research

Branding is connecting with and engaging the customer, delivering on advertised or implied promises, positioning against the competition, and communicating consistent messages through all means and mediums.
Branding surveys can reveal people’s awareness, recall and impressions of your marketing presence/brand. It may include determining the public’s ability to recognize your brand and associate it with a particular product/service. It can also identify the range of emotions and perceptions associated with your organization or brand. While your brand’s weaknesses can be improved, your brand’s strengths can be leveraged against your competitor’s weaknesses.

Branding research can also uncover general views of the market, as well as valuable information regarding your competitors. In particular, you can identify the “top of mind” brand, the market leader, and perceptions of how your brand compares to the competition, including which attributes your organization “owns” and which the competition “owns”.

Product Evaluation Research

When conducted prior to the launch of a new product or concept, Product Evaluation surveys can test consumer reaction to it so that it can be refined if necessary. As well, product research can reveal how consumers compare your product with those currently in the market, measure interest in your product and predict the potential size of its market.

Product evaluation surveys can also be undertaken with an established product, revealing consumers’ awareness, usage and impressions of it. Weaknesses can be rectified while strengths can be leveraged against your competitor’s weaknesses.